6 essential manscaping tips

1. Start off with basic prep

Before you begin grooming, shower, dry off, and have a quick comb through the hair to remove any knots. Lay down a towel for an easy clean up — or trim in the shower so you can rinse any hair away!

2. Make easy work for your trimmer.

Setting up a mirror helps. Pull your skin taut, and trim first with the direction of hair growth, then against.


3. Take your time.

Use short, light strokes, and avoid very sensitive areas. Don’t go over the same place too often.


‍4. Start with a longer length.

Use your attachments to bring the length down as needed, with shorter settings on the border between hair and closely-shaven skin. Stop and check your progress as you go. 

‍5. Cool off.

‍Aftercare can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful grooming. Rinse off with cool water, pat dry with a soft towel and finally apply a light, unscented lotion.


‍6. Routine!

Keeping up a regular grooming routine makes it easier each time you go to groom again. Maintaining your look is easier than recreating it every time you want to.

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